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This bread board by Dishy is perfect for your freshly baked bread. The slots allow the bottom of the hot bread to breathe, stopping you from getting a soggy bottom on your loaf. They also capture any crubs while you cut, saving your bench from the mess and making clean up easy!

With one side flat and one side with a removable middle inner with grooves, this bread board can still be used for serving, or as a standard cutting board too on its alternative side.

Made in Germany from Beechwood, these boards measure 40cm by 25cm, so it should hold any loaf you bake! 

To give it a long life, wash in warm water with regular dish soap. Do not soak in water and do not wash in the dishwasher. If it ever looks dry, gentle rub in a very small amount of pure olive oil or similar all over the board and leave to soak in. 

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