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Satisfy your skin’s wildest cravings for hydration, with farmfolly’s hand made solid moisturisers. This range features luxurious blends of natural butters, oils and beeswax for the loveliest, most luscious skin imaginable.

Typical store-bought lotions contain up to 80% water. Check their labels and you'll see water is the first ingredient. Because they are mostly water, they also contain a preservative to prevent mold and bacteria. Our solid moisturiser by Farm Folly is created without water and preservatives.

Farm Folly solid moisturiser is handmade in New Zealand and packaged in a handmade beeswax wrap, ready to be reused after your moisturiser is gone. Each beeswax wrap is different, making sure that Farm Folly is able to use every piece of the fabric and reduce waste. 


  • Floral essential oils, nourishing apricot oil and rosehips hydrate and repair for petal-soft skin.
  • Take away your stress and restore your calm with gentle mix of lavender and olive oil infused with comfrey is used to treat skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis or acne.
  • Mandarin essential oil, together with almond oil infused with kawakawa, will brighten and rejuvenate aged or stressed skin, leaving you feeling like you have basked in a sunshower.
  • With no essential oils, honey is the bar designed for sensitive skin.


Please note that these solid moisturisers and their packaging contain beeswax and are therefore not vegan. If your looking for vegan moisturiser then check out of lotion concentrate. 




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