The Essentials Subscription


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Make more time for the fun things in life and add simplicity to those repetitive life admin tasks with this Essentials Subscription. Bringing all the daily personal care items right to your door when you need it, combine it with our Oral Care or Classic Oral Care subscriptions and you’ll never have to worry about running low on your daily products again! 

Each Essentials Subscription contains a large shampoo and conditioner bar, 6 body wash bars in varying scents, a face wash bar and Luna face sponge and a large deodorant bar. Choose below which scent of deodorant is best for you, Earl Grey, Desert Rose + Citrus or Fragrance free

Why Subscribe?

Other than getting an awesome discount, subscribing to everyday products takes stress off remembering to stock up and means your favourite sustainable products will always be in arms reach!

What frequency should I set my subscription for?

Based of customer history and our own use we estimate that if your showering daily and washing your face twice daily then we recommend the following frequency for renewal. Once subscribed you’ll be able to modify your delivery date if it’s not quite right for you so you can get the perfect delivery date. 

1 person - 90 days

2 people - 45 days

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