Store loose soap and exfoliate with this beautifully crafted agave fibre bag

Everybody has experienced the frustration of trying to use the last few pieces of soap, only to have it slip and slide out of your hand. This woven soap bag from CASA AGAVE™ provides an innovative solution to this problem. Simply stuff any tiny soap scraps inside the bag, then wet it before scrubbing.

As well as preventing unnecessary waste, this bag is made of loose-woven agave fiber that is ideal for exfoliating your entire body. Agave plants are among the hardiest of species, and can be grown anywhere across the world, making it an extremely reliable and sustainable source of fibre. 

To ensure longevity, hang your bag in a dry place between uses. It can also be easily washed by submerging in boiling water, dipping in vinegar or placing in the top rack of the dishwasher.

CASA AGAVE™ is a trademark of Earth & Daughter, LLC

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