Protect our environment by eliminating disposable cotton balls from your life

Be part of the solution and make the sustainable switch to reusable cotton facial rounds. Handmade by The Minimal Co. at our Wellington store. 

Why square? We wanted to make a cotton round with zero waste! By cutting these in a square shape we're using all of our fabric and reducing our waste. 

Packaging: With or without? If you would like to further reduce your waste please let us know if you would like to receive your order with or without a box. 

The Minimal Co. reusable cotton rounds set contains 10 pads.

  • Fabric & Thread are 100% Cotton so you can compost them at the end of their life! 
  • Our reusable facial rounds are soft and great for applying face cream, lotion, toner, removing makeup, or cleaning your face with your favourite cleanser
  • Plastic-free product & recyclable package

How to use: 

  • Apply cleanser to facial rounds and gently massage onto eyes or skin
  • For best results, wash between each use, dry flat and allow it to air dry. 

Please note our cotton rounds are made of natural fabrics and are not pre-washed, so expect some shrinkage. 

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