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For all of us, trees are a matter of life or death - so for every purchase you make, we will donate a tree. We also donate 1 tree for every order we receive from suppliers in NZ and 5 for orders received from overseas.

We have been teamed up with ‘Trees For The Future’, a fantastic eco organisation that helps impoverished communities plant tree gardens to replenish crop growth, save our environment and ultimately free families out of poverty.

Thanks to your support, as of November 2021 we have donated 8500 trees!

Trees For The Future concentrate their efforts in Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda where conditions can be unforgiving and people have suffered due too drought and lack of resources.

Trees For The Future does so much for these communities - as well as planting trees and important crops they are also teaching these communities how to maintain these resources once they have left the area. They also help farmers in the community obtain clean water and foster good nutrition in these communities by encouraging nutrient-rich diets with seed kits and gardens.

Trees For The Future is growing at an average annual rate of 50% and we are so proud to play apart of it - and you should to!

For every sale we have made, we donate enough money to have one tree planted - no matter the size of the sale.