Baby Bib Set


Only 1 piece in stock!

Mealtimes can get messy - make them that much easier with these silicone Baby Bibs by fan favourites Seed & Sprout! Simply catch food spills & wipe or rinse them away before using again.

The adjustable closure allows these bibs to grow as your little one grows - you can find a comfortable fit for both baby and toddler.

With a deep pocket design these bibs will catch those inevitable food and drink spills instead of them ending up on clothing, the highchair or the floor. We love using these bibs when we’re out and about too.

They’re super flexible and lightweight so they can be folded up and added to your bag! Choose between our Moss, Terracotta or Stone colourway - we can't decide on our favourite!

Dishwasher safe, clean up is easy.

This set comes with two bibs. Each bib measures  21cm x 31cm x 3cm

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