Red Cabbage Microgreens Refill Seed Pad


Living Greens Microgreens provides a quick and easy way to boost the nutrients and lift the flavours in any meal.

These certified organic Red Cabbage seeds grow microgreens that have sweet and delicate flavours with high levels of vitamin C and concentrated levels of cholesterol lowering polyphenols.

You can harvest your greens as you need, ensuring you always have the freshest most nutrient rich greens available.

Just add water, sprinkle seed and cover. With-in 14 days* you will have organic, harvest ready microgreens at your fingertips! Need the starter kit? Check it out here!

What's included in the Refill Seed Pad?

1 x Seed Sachet - Measured perfectly, so you sprinkle the whole lot evenly over your seed pad.

1 x Seed Pad - Made from Coconut & Hemp Fibre. Once used this is designed to go into your food scraps/compost/be dug straight into the garden. Its spray free, but will take a little longer than food to break down. More like a branch!

1 x Sprouting Kit Cover/Instruction Card - This keeps the moisture in until your seeds germinate, then it can be recycled or composted.

Everything included in a seed pad will grow you one crop of microgreens equivalent to a store bought punnet. However you get to consume them a wee bit fresher and avoid the plastic.



Red Cabbage: 16 - 21 days


Times will vary depending on time of year and temperature/humidity in your home. The seeds will naturally grow a lot faster during warmer months. 

If you feel your seeds are slow to germinate, simply give your seeds a good mist with some water and make sure the lid is sitting on securely.

The seeds need 3 things in order to sprout happily:

  • Darkness
  • Consistent Moisture
  • Correct temperature (they will germinate at their best between 18c-24c)

A seeds sole mission is to sprout! It is what they want to do. If something isn't working it will most likely mean one of these three things isn't quite right.

During winter months be careful of fireplaces and heat pumps. If the seeds are too near to either of these things it can cause the top of the pad to dry out and stunt the sprouting process. Again, a mist of water will fix this and get your seeds back on track.  

If placed on a windowsill keep in mind how low the temperature might drop overnight. If your seeds get too cold it will also slow the sprouting process.

Your kit will be happiest if you find a spot with a consistent temperature, somewhere away from cold draughts, direct hot hot sunlight (summer months) or hot fireplaces or drying heat pumps.

While Living Greens take the utmost care to source high quality seed with high germination (sprouting) rates, we are working with nature and no single seed is ever 100% guaranteed to sprout.

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