Sandwich Box


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Our Seed & Sprout Sandwich Box is the perfect lunch box for those who want a cute and compact alternative to our CrunchBox.

With two clasps on each end and a removeable silicone, the new Sandwich Box is the ultimate leak-proof warrior of the lunchbox world!

Being made of 100% food-grade stainless steel, the Sandwich Box is not only super easy to clean but keeps your sandwiches cold and your hot food hot!

Don’t be fooled by its size! It fits big things like your sandwiches and leftovers, to little things like your peanuts or sultanas, and with the separating barrier you can keep your juicy fruit from soggying up your fresh bread!

Product specs:

  • 17cm x 13cm x 5cm deep
  • Clamp-style clasps to create a firm leak-proof seal
  • Fits 700ml
  • Easy to remove silicone seal making washing simple
  • Dishwasher safe, oven safe (but don't put it in the microwave!)

It's the last metal lunch box you'll ever buy; with TLC it'll last a lifetime!

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