Sculpta 6000


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After applying your nourishing nighttime skincare, such as the Corbin Rd. multi-Vitamin Restorative Face Oil, use the Sculpta 6000 to gently massage the skin to activate lymphatic drainage and remove toxin build-up, to stimulate natural skin repair, and relax hard-working facial muscles

Start from the neck working upwards. Sculpt under the jawline through to the ear lobe. Continue sculpting from the centre of the face outwards and upwards. Place gently under the eyes or on the brow line and hold still around the fine skin. Repeat the sweep from the centre of the face above the nose/brow upwards to the hairline. Sweep from the centre of the upper and lower lip to the jawline. Where there are tension points or wrinkles hover over these areas to relax the muscle. Push outwards on the neck, from the windpipe, if you have wrinkle bands you want to ease. Always finish sweeping from the top of the forehead hairline, downwards, to behind the ear down the neck to the clavicle.


If you have fillers, very inflamed or broken skin or aggressive acne. Do not use over botox areas.

Avoid using if you have a rosacea flare-up as it may overstimulate broken blood vessels close to the skin’s surface. Instead, use our gentle Bian Gua Sha Stone. Cool in the fridge or freezer for 15 minutes prior to use for a calming therapeutic effect.

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