The Kitchen Care Subscription


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When life is running at a million miles an hour it can be easy for things to full off the to do list. Add simplicity to those repetitive life admin tasks with this Kitchen Care Subscription, bringing all the kitchen dishes cleaning products right to your door when you need it. 


Each Kitchen Care Subscription contains a DISH BLOCK®, 1kg Dish Washer Powder, Spruce Cleaning Cloth, Kitchen Loofah Set, Pot Scrubber and a Dish Brush Replacement Head. We will include a Dish Brush handle for free in your first order, but if you already have one, just let us know in the order notes and we won't include it. 

Why Subscribe?

Other than getting an awesome discount, subscribing to everyday products takes stress off remembering to stock up and means your favourite sustainable products will always be in arms reach!

What frequency should I set my subscription for?

Use of the Kitchen Care Subscription set will vary based on many factors, such as how often you eat at home and how many people are in your household but as a general rule you can follow the below: 

1-2 person household that eats in most of the time - 90 days

3-4 person household that eats in most of the time - 45 days

What do I do with the glass containers after they are empty?

We offer a packaging return programme for any products we sell that come in glass or aluminum packaging, even if you didn't originally purchase them from us. You can read all about it here.

Please note Spruce cloth pattern may vary in each subscription package.

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