5 kitchen swaps to ditch the plastic and not the convenience

5 kitchen swaps to ditch the plastic and not the convenience

Jul 08, 2020

When I think back to my kitchen when I first started to understand the impact the products I was buying were having on the environment, it seemed like an impossible task to transform my kitchen into a low waste space. Now I can't imagine my kitchen any other way and with these 5 easy changes you can be on your way to a low waste kitchen too!

1. Plastic wrap > Compostable wrap

If plastic wrap is your kitchen go to, then an easy stress free swap would be to go for a compostable alternative like Compostics compostable wrap. You use it in exactly the same way but when you're done, throw it in your home compost or commercial compost bin and feel good knowing its going back to Mother Earth. Feeling like you could make a bigger change? Why not try silicone bowl covers or food pouches? Use your saved jars or other food storage containers and ditch the wrap altogether!

2. Dish liquid > Dish washing block

More and more dish wash bars are coming onto the market, but we still can't see past the No Tox Life dish washing block. It is a hard block; so its made to last, its sudsy; giving you that clean dish feeling, and its completely vegan and is made with zero waste principles from sourcing ingredients through to getting it to you! Using a dish washing bar is a great way to hand wash your dishes. Swish it around in warm water or rub a wet cloth or brush over it, then sit it on a soap deck to drain and stay dry between uses.

3. Microfiber dish cloths > Compostable dish cloths

Compostable dish cloths like Spruce cloths are made from all natural materials and are 100% biodegradable, unlike common microfiber cloths which are made from synthetic materials. You can clean them in the top drawer of your dishwasher or in the washing machine and use them again and again. Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing than the ‘blue’ dish cloth, they also last longer, meaning you're saving a planet and your wallet long term. 

4. Plastic dish brush > Wooden dish brush

The easiest swap yet! When your plastic dish brush is no longer working for you, why not choose a wooden one instead? Not only is it better for the environment, but once you have the handle, you can replace the head again and again. They function in exactly the same way so there is no need to change your routine, just make the one time swap and then you’ll forget they were ever plastic! 

5. Baking paper > Silicone baking sheets

Just like normal baking paper only better! Use, wash, then use again (you can even put it into the dishwasher). Silicone baking sheets are such a simple way to replace a disposable product with a reusable one and you will never have to worry about whether you're about to reach the end of the roll again. Normal baking paper contains bleach and dioxins which isn't great for you or the environment which is another big plus for making the switch. 


Photo by Nectar Photography.

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