DIY Christmas Decorations

DIY Christmas Decorations

Oct 27, 2022

Looking for a minimalist Christmas tree decoration and can't just find the right look? Prepare to get in the festive mood with this fun afternoon activity you can do with family and friends! These air-dry clay decorations are minimal effort, minimal clean up and fully customizable! Use as tree decorations, pop them on gifts or you could even make a garland!

What you'll need:
Air hardening clay (we used this!)
Cookie cutters
A straw (for the hole at the top of decoration)

1. Roll out the clay until its 3mm thick. Don't have a rolling pin? Just use a wine bottle. 
2. Cut out the desired shapes using cookie cutters or even a glass.
3. Use a straw or chopstick and push through until you get a hole.
4. If you have letter cutters, pop your message on the decoration.
5. Leave on a baking tray or piece of cardboard for 24-48 hours until dry.
6. Thread string through the hole and tie!

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