DIY Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

Oct 27, 2022
Making a wreath can sound kind of daunting when you haven't made one before but once you get started it all falls into place. A lot of store bought wreaths are made up of plastic foliage and micro plastic glitters, we put together a festive wreath using home compostable pieces and it smells delicious too! 
Wreath making is a great way to unwind and relax, making dried oranges, foraging foliage and making a work of art at the end of it. We think this would be a great afternoon activity with a group of friends!
What you'll need:
- Dried orange slices
- Cinnamon sticks
- Eucalyptus
- Pine foliage 
- A roll of wire about 3mm 
- A roll of wire about 1mm
- Mini pliers
- String
1. Use some wire (3mm) or if you want to go completely biodegradable use branches to make a circle shape, add a couple of layers so it can hold its shape. 
2. Wrap the foliage around the wire, twisting around the wire as you go so it holds on to the wire. Do multiple layers, trying alternating the types of foliage to give the wreath texture. Secure any flappy bits with the 1mm wire.
3. Work out the placements of the oranges and cinnamon and tie to the wreath. 
4. Add more foliage if it looks sparse or if you can see bits of wire poking through.
5. Loop the string through the top and tie a little knot.
6. Your masterpiece is ready to hang up. 

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