How to reduce your waste grocery shopping without adding stress

How to reduce your waste grocery shopping without adding stress

Jul 29, 2020

Living in Wellington City means that, especially now, we have more than one option for how to get (most) of our groceries without waste but it wasn’t always that easy. For those with limited local options or who don’t have the time to go to 20 different places, this is how we have and do reduce our waste while grocery shopping.


1. Bulk Refilleries.

Remember when you were a kid and BinInn was the place only hippies shopped at? Your parents may have found them weird, but they were on to something awesome! BinInn stores are all over the country, in small towns and in cities, and you can find just about anything you need there and put it straight in your jar. It’s important to know that each BinInn is owned separately so experiences can vary, but we have never meet a store that isn’t willing to add a new product by request. 

If your week is just a bit too hectic for an in person shop, Hopper Eco Store and GoodFor are two refilleries with stores based here in Wellington, that also offer in store pick up if your in a pinch for time. All your food will be packed in paper bags or jars, which you can re-use or compost. Otherwise both stores are open 7 days and you can fill up right into your jars (Hopper Eco Store even has a zero waste cafe on site too!)

If you live rurally, GoodFor even offer national shipping, and like us, they plant a tree for every order they send, so you can shop guilt free. 

2. Smarter Supermarket Shopping

Thinking a bit more when at the supermarket can reduce your waste massively! Aim to shop only the perimeter of the store, this is where the least amount of packaging is. Most supermarkets now accept BYO  containers in the deli section and don’t forget to bring your produce bags for your fruit and vege.

There are lots of items you can buy without packaging but what about those you can't? Sometimes there is a way to shop tactically. Normally get jam in a plastic container? Why not buy it in a glass jar, then you also get a jar to use at a refillery too. Always buy the same brand of chips? Proper Crisps now offer a range in compostable packing. Its impossible to be perfect, especially if you don't want to go without your favourite snack. Just remember perfection is the enemy of progress and keep trying.

3. Zero Waste Grocery Delivery

It's only a Wellington City privilege right now but The Naked Pantry is new on the block and we are obsessed. Zero Waste pantry, produce, dairy and dairy alternatives all under one site, all delivered to your door by electric car once a week. The way it works is simple, your groceries are packaged in cotton bags, bottles and jars, and the next week they are picked up, cleaned and reused. Not only do they make zero waste grocery shopping the least time consuming life admin item of the week, but they even have cheese which for anyone looking to seriously cut out the plastic in their food shopping will know is a hard thing to find!


 Pictured is one of my weekly deliveries from The Naked Pantry.

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