Low Waste Christmas Crackers

Low Waste Christmas Crackers

Oct 27, 2022

Can you imagine the number of Christmas crackers that get pulled all over the world for Christmas? Only to get a plastic toy that you probably won't use and for the wrapping to be added to the waste bin, it's too much waste for a ten minute tradition.

We understand the tradition so we have made these low waste Christmas crackers. No pop but everyone is guaranteed to get a personalized and practical gift without any of the waste.


What you'll need:
- Square or rectangle cloth, we used cloth napkins.
- Toilet roll tube
- Small gift that will fit in the tube e.g a packet of seeds, lip butter, farm folly 12g moisturiser
- Twine/string

1. Fold the square into a rectangle shape, folding inwards.
2. Fill the tube with gifts and pop in the center of the fabric.
3. Roll until you reach the end of the fabric.
4. Tie the ends of the roll with the string, make sure the fold is at the back and bows are at the front. 



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