5 New Zealand Made Gifts For The Holiday Season

5 New Zealand Made Gifts For The Holiday Season

Dec 12, 2021

Starting your gift list can be a daunting task - where do you begin?
Shopping local is a good place to start! Over the last two years we have all seen how shopping small and locally made can really make the world of difference in every day lives. We have compiled a list of five New Zealand made gift ideas that we sell everyday!


 Handmade by The Minimal Co. (us!) at our Wellington store. A great everyday swap for disposable make up wipes, making removing make up a breeze and good for the planet too!  Why square? We wanted to make a cotton round with zero waste. By cutting these in a square shape we're using all of our fabric and reducing our waste. Each set contains 10 pads.

Farm Folly solid moisturiser is handmade in rural Kaukapakapa,
New Zealand and packaged in a handmade vegan wax wrap, ready to be reused after your moisturiser is gone. Each wax wrap is different, making sure that Farm Folly is able to use every piece of the fabric and reduce waste. 

A beautiful range of skincare made in Napier, New Zealand.
"Corbin Rd. was born from the idea that we can do more with much less. I want us to approach beauty like the slow fashion movement; buy what you need, choose quality and create less waste. We’ve created a simplified skincare approach using clean beauty ingredients that are kind to your skin and kind to the planet. Our range is designed to achieve healthy, strong and radiant skin, no matter what your age." - Wendy Nowell-Usticke


This soap bar by Global soap is handcrafted in Nelson, New Zealand. Hailed as a multi-purpose shower bar, this bar can be used as a 3 in 1 bar for cleansing, shampoo and shaving. 

The NZ beers used in these soaps are made primarily with hops, the properties and benefits of this herb become part of the soap. Hops is known to sooth-irritated skin and contain skin-softening amino acids. Castor Oil is a great hair oil, which creates a rich foamy lather. It nourishes hair and prevents the scalp from drying by retaining moisture.

 The powder to make the difference! Meet this beautiful range of hair and body care products made right here in New Zealand. The Dust and Glow range is vegan, naturally derived, low waste and made in New Zealand. Formulated without water, this range is super concentrated & lasts for up to 65 usages. Packaged in endlessly recyclable aluminium & a sustainable stone-based label. Just add water! Paired up or gifted solo these make a great gift! 

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