Mint Flavoured Dental Floss


Tired of throwing out plastic dental floss dispensers? Switch to a metal dental floss dispenser, made from stylish and rust-proof stainless steel.

Made of PLA (polylactic acid) derived from a renewable resource (corn) and lightly coated in candelilla wax, this mint flavoured floss is black so you can easily see the plaque you’re removing!

Vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free, when you are done keep your stainless steel dispense and simply purchase a floss refill.

To use:

Unscrew lid. Pull the loose end of floss from the centre of the roll up through the hole in lid. Pull horizontally past the cutting edge to cut your length of floss.

A good length of floss is approximately shoulder to shoulder width. Laura, the founder of Solid Oral Care recommends unraveling and twisting up a new section of floss between each tooth space.

What do you get?

With Dispenser: Stainless steel floss dispenser plus 1x 30 metre roll of floss

Refill: 2 x 30 metre rolls of floss