6 ways to reduce waste that cost zero dollars

6 ways to reduce waste that cost zero dollars

Jun 23, 2020
1. Just say no

To the straw, the paper napkin, the single use cutlery, the disposable bag, even if it is paper! You'll be surprised how much waste you can save through the small action of saying no and your local store may even make changes to how they give these out (you not taking them saves them money too so even if they aren't eco warriors they will still love the savings).

2. Eat in

We all live busy lives, and sometimes getting that takeaway lunch or coffee can make our lives that little bit easier. If you don't have your own reusable cup or containers, why not sit down and eat in? Not only will it allow you to take a moment to enjoy your food or caffeine hit, but it will also mean you can use their crockery and utensils, leaving the disposables no where near your meal!

3. Keep the jars

If you want to start buying your pantry staples package free, or make some DIY products, you need somewhere to put them all and buying all those jars can be expensive. A simple (and free solution) is to save your jars from the products you’re already buying! Pasta sauce, roasted peppers, jam and peanut butter, all come in jars of varying sizes that can easily be repurposed. Feeling lazy? Just wash and use. Looking for that clean aesthetic? Clean and remove the labels and they will look like new!

4. Refill, refill, refill 

Don’t throw away that plastic shampoo or body wash bottle, instead seek out your local refilllery. Using aesthetically pleasing bottles can spark joy, but if your on a budget then you shouldn’t think you need them to use a refillery. If you refill, instead of buying a product and bottle again, not only will you be saving the planet by not throwing away another plastic bottle, but refilleries are often found in small businesses, meaning you’ll be supporting a small local business too!  

5. Find your local libraries

The traditional book library, tool libraries, kitchen appliance libraries and even birthday party libraries are sprouting up around the world. As we move into smaller homes, and become more conscious of waste, these libraries are amazing ways to not have endless things used only once a year hidden in a closest, but also not go without. Many are free if you live in that community or run on a deposit system. If there isn't one in your community, why not reach out to your community group to see if they will start one. 

6. Trade with friends

Need an outfit for that special occasion? Got a great coat but it’s just not your style anymore? Why not do a clothing swap with your friends. Not only is it free, but you'll get that new-to-you feeling, which we think is even better than the new feeling. This works for more than just clothes too! Books, crockery, furniture and art. The new-to-you feeling can come from anything (as long as your friends willing to swap it!)

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  • Love this! Another tip is don’t use the supermarket produce bags. I couldn’t afford to buy any reusable ones and then I realised you often don’t actually need them since you put them into a bag at the checkout anyway :D


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