We want to keep packaging in the system for as long as we can and divert waste from landfill and recycling centres. The beauty of glass is that it can be sterilised and reused over and over again, so we would love to receive your clean, empty containers back so that we or our suppliers can reuse them! 

We are currently offer a $1 credit for each item listed below, even if you didn't them purchase from us:

  • The Minimal Co. bottles 
  • The Minimal Co. jars 
  • Solid Oral Care bottles and jars 
  • No Tox Life jars
  • Corbin Rd bottles and jars (aluminium and glass) 
  • Seed & Sprout bottle and tins (aluminium and glass)

You can drop off (or send) your glass containers to our store at: 

The Minimal Co.
24D Elizabeth Street
Mt Victoria, 6011


We also take back your safety razor blades, even if they are from another company! Just wrap them in paper and drop them in and we will return them to Caliwoods to be part of their blade take back program!