Bamboo Interdental Brushes


For those who aren’t a fan of floss! Keep your gums healthy with Solid’s new bamboo interdental brushes. 

Great for cleaning around braces, bridges and implants. Dip your interdental brushes in Solid Oxygenating Mouthwash to supercharge your gum hygiene!

These are size small (equivalent to a 1-2 in other brands), but may not suit extremely tightly spaced teeth. Some people find using a combination of interdental brushes and floss works well.

Directions: Gently push your interdental brush between the teeth to remove plaque. Do not force into tight spaces. To reach between back teeth, gently bend the wire into a curve, rather than pushing it flat where it connects to the handle. This will prevent the wire snapping over time.

End of life: These can be reused until they break. Clean between uses with soap and water, or dip in hydrogen peroxide. Compost or bury bamboo handle. Place nylon wrapped wire in general waste.

Recycle or compost cardboard pack.