Our Packaging

Say hello to our new packaging

As part of our new, refreshed look we are excited to now offer the choice of signature packaging or preloved packaging on all of our orders.

What does that mean?

If you select signature packaging at checkout, then your order will be packed with our new tissue paper from Bespoke Letterpress, then in a new cardboard box or courier bag. If extra padding is needed, we will use wood void fill or geami wrap. 

If you select preloved packaging at the checkout, then where we have suitable options available your order will be packed with packaging reused from orders we have received. We will reuse cardboard boxed, tissue paper and other packaging materials, making sure these get a second use!

Don’t worry we will still have our gift wrapping option too! All gift wrapped orders will first be wrapped in our signature packaging, followed by our beautful gift wrap or a raw edged calico furoshiki wrap.

Want to know a little more?

Being kind to environment is important to us, so where possible we love to use reuse packaging which we or friends and family have received goods in. This means that although your order may not be the most instragramable, it is great for the environment. Where we do not have any suitable packaging to reuse (or you choose our signature packaging then we will use a Pollast!c™ mailer or a cardboard box.

Illustrated by Nancy Noreth for Bespoke Letterpress, our tissue paper is printed the beautifully old fashioned way, using antique cast iron machines. Printing with patience, perfection and a whole lot of love in the rolling country Australian hills of The Southern Highlands we are excited to support a fellow small business. With its heavy weight, this tissue paper is perfect to reuse as gift wrap or gift bag stuffing!

Our stickers are acid free, FSC certified and are printed using soy based inks. As tape, we predominantly use a vegetable gum paper tape printed with soy ink. Both can be composted as the vegetable gum in the tape is soluble in water. 

Fragile items are wrapped in a cardboard ‘bubble wrap’ made locally and upcycled from used cardboard boxes and sealed with our paper tape or with R3 Pack's Geami Paper Wrap. We also occasionally use packing peanuts that we recieve in wholesale orders. These are made from cornstarch and can be reused, composted, or dissolved in water and washed down the drain. 

Lastly, our thermal courier labels are from the Better Packaging Company and can also be composted.

We ask that you consider the packaging which arrives to you from us and other purchases you make and dispose of it responsibly, whether it be through reusing, recycling or composting.