Our Story


When I founded The Minimal Co. in early 2019, I was in the midst of a drastic lifestyle change to reduce our household belongings and waste and had lofty goals of becoming one of those fabled households that could fit a year's waste into a mason jar.

Sick of being unable to find sustainable alternatives that fit my aesthetic, The Minimal Co. was born out of my dream to prove that sustainable, practical and functional products can also be beautiful.

The irony was that a zero waste life was not sustainable (or healthy) for us, and over the last four years, our definition of living sustainably has changed.

Still deeply rooted in wanting to care for our planet, we have started focusing more on slowing down; on quality over quantity and making choices that are conscious and considered.

Our renewed vision is to aid our customers in making ethical, sustainable choices, whilst realising that zero waste is unattainable for most. Instead, we want to help and encourage you to live a little slower, take a little time for you and use products that are kind to you and nature. 

More than just a store, we strive towards being a hub and online community of like minded eco-conscious people. From growing, preserving and cooking your own food, to caring for yourself and taking time out to enjoy hobbies that soothe the soul, we want together to embrace a slower pace of living.