How to talk to your cohabitors about minimalism

How to talk to your cohabitors about minimalism

May 02, 2021

Feeling inspired to take on a minimalist lifestyle but don’t live alone? If we have learnt one thing on our journey to minimalism it's that it is always going to be easier if the people you live with, whether that be your partner, your family or flatmates, are onboard. Starting the conversation can be hard, so here are our top 4 tips on how to talk to those you cohabit with about minimalism. 

  1. Practice what you preach
    While you are telling your cohabitors about the joys of minimalism, are you practicing what you preach? If you are having discussions about “living with less” but you are actually “living with more”, then it may be difficult to get the others onboard. The best way to demonstrate the benefits of living with less is to simply begin living with this. Demonstrating that you are ready for this change will let your cohabitors know how serious you are and make them feel more confident about embracing the minimalist lifestyle with you! Just make sure you don’t purge anything communal without their approval so you don’t begin any house tension.

  2. Articulate the ‘why’
    What has inspired you to make this change to minimalism? How can it improve your lives? How will this change affect your cohabitors personally? How will you make sure the changes being made are manageable for everyone? Having a plan and being able to articulate how and why you will make these changes will not only lead to changes which are manageable long term but also make those who are not aware of minimalism feel more comfortable about the changes they are agreeing to.

  3. Point out the daily minimist habits
    Many people have at least a couple traits which naturally overlap with the minimalist lifestyle. Working out what these are and pointing them out can make the changes seem less disruptive and more doable. They can also be great motivators to try new things, since there is already an area where they are succeeding! Some examples of common minimalist habits which non-minimalists can have are only having a small wardrobe, only buying the groceries which you need for that week and focusing on saving over spending.

  4. Emphasize declutter
    Ever had a fight about a floor-drobe or a kitchen cupboard where everything falls out when you open it? Chances are you could reduce arguments and save time needed to tidy by doing some decluttering! When you reduce your items to those you truly need then everything can have a home, it's easy to put things away and find them again. Instead of arguing or saving up some resentment for later, you can spend time together doing things you love and come home to a tidy home. 

Have another tip on how to get your partner, family or flatmates onboard with your minimalism goals? Leave a comment below!

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