Home Sweet Home: Flow 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Home is where the heart is. This Flow 1000 piece adult jigsaw puzzle features a delightful illustration from Dutch artist Lotte Dirks, and it is filled with her love for everything that grows and flourishes.

As you piece it together, you may find your imagination drifting down a winding country lane, to a white picket fence with an open gate, to a yard where the flowers bloom and chickens range freely, and a special place where you can kick off your shoes and just be yourself.

Flow is an international brand that celebrates creativity, mindfulness, and the pleasures of paper through magazines, books and stationery.

  • 1000 Puzzle Pieces
  • Completed Puzzle Size: 67cm x 48cm
  • Includes mini poster for reference
  • Ribbon Cut
  • Artist: Lotte Dirks

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