Beer Soap Bar


This soap bar by Global soap is handcrafted in Nelson, New Zealand. Hailed as a multi-purpose shower bar, this bar can be used as a 3 in 1 bar for cleansing, shampoo and shaving. 

The NZ beers used in these soaps are made primarily with hops, the properties and benefits of this herb become part of the soap. Hops is known to sooth-irritated skin and contain skin-softening amino acids. Castor Oil is a great hair oil, which creates a rich foamy lather. It nourishes hair and prevents the scalp from drying by retaining moisture.

Made using the traditional cold process method of soap making. Each batch of soap is individually and lovingly handmade, hand-cut and cured to create the perfect soap. 

A little about each soap:

The Ale Beer Soap is scented with a refreshing fruity scent.

The Stout Beer Soap is scented with a buttercream cookie fragrant oil and spoonful’s of oats. 

The Pilsner Lager Beer Soap is scented with a nourishing and warm aroma of ginger spice fragrant oil and spoonful’s of spent grain.

Each bar weighs approximately 110g and comes packaged in a small box.