CASA AGAVE™ Multipurpose Brush


Put a stop to microplastics with this 100% compostable bamboo brush! 

Did you know micro plastics are the main contributor to the shameful “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” polluting the Pacific Ocean. These invisible plastic pieces are then consumed by marine life, which in turn is consumed by humans. Even vegans can’t escape these nasty plastics which have been detected in tap water. 

The CASA AGAVE™ brush is a bold step in the right direction and is made of sustainable, fast growing giant bamboo and plant fibre bristles. These materials ensure that this brush is so recyclable you can simply bury it in your garden once the bristles have worn down. 

This variant has a study, long wooden handle which allows greater flexibility than a standard brush. This clever design with bristles on all sides of the brush head makes getting into cups, bowls and pots a lot easier and can also be used for general bathroom cleaning instead.

CASA AGAVE™ is a trademark of Earth & Daughter, LLC

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