Face Soap Bar with Crochet Flower Scrubby


Nourishing and cleansing face soaps from our friends at Farm Folly. Each face soap and crochet flower scrubby is proudly handmade here in New Zealand. 

Floral Rose Clay & Shea butter - A gentle face bar with rose clay, shea butter and floral essential oils, rich in antioxidants and healing oils. Rose and kaolin clay along with geranium essential oil gently cleanse skin and regulate oil production.

Charcoal - Green tea and kawakawa accelerate skin healing and help with skin allergies and eczema. Packed full of charcoal it gentle exfoliates to remove impurities and clear your skin.

Creamy Rooibos - Rooibos and kawakawa accelerate skin healing and help with skin allergies and eczema. Rooibos tea is renown for its healing properties and the ability to calm the skin. Packed full of coconut cream it gently cleanses and moisturises to remove impurities and clear your skin. Leaving it feeling soft and refreshed.

Oatmeal and Chamomile baby soap -  Gentle and calming lavender for a soothing and healing bath experience. All the oils in this soap have been infused with rosehips for additional skin loving vitamins. When combined with shea butter and coconut cream this is a supremely nourishing and restorative soap. 


Floral Rose Clay & Shea Butter: saponified oils of: (coconut, olive infused with calendula and rosemary, shea butter, canola, castor), water, coconut cream, rose clay, kaolin clay, essential oils of lavender and geranium.

Charcoal: saponified oils infused with kawakawa and rosemary (olive, coconut, shea butter, soyabean, castor), green tea, charcoal

Creamy Rooibos tea & coconut - saponified oils of (coconut, olive, sunflower, Shea butter and castor oil infused with kawakawa, calendula and rooibos tea), water, natural fragrance oil, dried flowers.

Oatmeal and Chamomile baby soap - saponified oils infused with rosehip (olive,coconut, Shea butter, castor), chamomile tea, oatmeal, coconut cream, kaolin clay, lavender essential oil.