Plastic-free Onyx Face Washing Block


Rejuvenate your skin and purify your pores with this all natural eco-friendly cleansing bar

Meet Onyx!  A sustainable, plastic-free face wash wonder bar that will help cleanse and nourish your skin with only natural vegan ingredients. Once you try the Onyx bar it will become a permanent fixture in your morning and evening skincare routine. 

Why we love the onyx face washing block:

  • Made with hydrating mango, shea, and coconut - specially formulated to be ultra moisturising, without clogging or over drying sensitive pores.
  • Activated charcoal from coconut husk to gently draw out buildup of dirt, environmental toxins and makeup. 
  • Natural cleansers from mango are used to create a gentle lather, with a generous helping of oats to accomodate sensitive skin
  • The bar also comes minimally packaged in a paper wrap, leaving your conscious guilt free. 
  • Vegan and palm oil free

There is almost no odor to the bar as no essential oils have been added, save for the sweet but faint smell of mango, shea and coconut. 

Handmade by No Tox Life