Organic Hemp Fabric Face Masks


Sewed by Ali and her amazing team at Assa Nepal. These face masks are made from 2 layers of Organic Hemp Fabric using WHO specifications to ensure they fit firmly across nose, mouth and chin. These masks are secured with elastic ear straps and the elastic can be tied to create a tighter fit if required. 

Please wash mask before use by soaking in a fabric friendly bleach solution or alternative fabric disinfectant solution. Follow by washing throughly and drying in direct sunlight.

Fabric masks must be washed in between use, so you will likely need more than one.

An easy way to think of this is:

One for wear, One in the wash, One spare (because you never know what might happen).

Please note: This is not a medical grade mask. Please follow all government advice on the use of fabric face masks as this continues to be updated.


Sewn in Kathmandu, Nepal by Assa Nepal.