Package Free Shampoo Bar


Ditch the plastic with this revolutionary solid shampoo bar from No Tox Life

An overwhelming majority of shampoos on the market today come in wasteful plastic containers that are mostly filled with water. Solid shampoo bars provide an elegant alternative to this unsustainable market trend by providing a plastic free product that is designed to last. 

This shampoo block is infused with seaweed extract and macadamia oil, which are gentle on the scalp and moisturising on your locks. Simply apply a small amount of shampoo to your palms and run them through your hair, then rinse with shower water. 

Suitable for all hair types (including colour treated hair) and long lasting. On average customers reported that the 1 oz size lasted for up to 2 months while the 3 oz size can last for up to 6 months! Best of all, this product comes shipped in simple recyclable paper, so you can feel great about no unnecessary wastage.