Heavy Duty Reusable Shopping Tote Bag with Internal Pockets


Did I just fit the entire contents of a New World basket inside this tote? The answer is yes, yes I did! This heavy duty, reusable, cotton tote bag is an essential for every shopping trip whether you're heading to the supermarket, the produce market or local refillery. 

What makes this tote different to every other tote?
It has internal pockets! Six large internal pockets to help keep things organized and preventing clinking and keep your avocados from getting smashed on your way home. 

Why we love this pocket tote:

  • Made from sturdy GOTS certified organic canvas - no microplastics here!
  • 6 large internal pockets keep things organised, balance weights and stop jars and veg from banging up against each other 
  • Carries an average of 3 standard bag loads
  • Neutral tones, minimalist design


  • Wash in cold water and line dry; the organic cotton tends to shrink when exposed to heat

This tote is also included in our Farmers Market Day set.

Take your sustainable journey to the next level and may your melon never squash your loaf again!