Stainless Steel Dishwashing Soap Shaker


A lot of us will remember the days of plastic-free dish washing instead of dish wash liquid stored in a plastic bottle, we grew up with dish washing soap blocks! To get the most out of a dish wash soap, simply pop it in one of our stainless soap shakers and shake the shaker in the water for maximum soapy bubbles. 

Why we love this dish washing soap shaker:

  • Made to last; The life span of the soap shaker will be ten years or more under normal conditions of use.
  • Made from food grade stainless steel
  • This Soap Shaker has a smooth surface treatment and good weld joint, making it is easy to clean and less likely to deteriorate in the longer term. 
  • Storage for Dish washing soap - helps with drainage to extend the soap life!

The perfect size for our regular size Dish Washing Block this is the new favourite addition to the kitchen!