Weck Rubber Ring Seal


Weck Rubber Ring Seals are BPA free and are required for all Weck jars when used for home canning. You can also use them, along with the clips, to provide an airtight seal when using as storage jars.

We include a rubber ring seal with every jar we sell but if you need another or got your original jars elsewhere, we have you covered! 

Sold individually so you only need to buy what you need, these rings are available in three sizes. Check out our Weck listing here to find out what size you need for your jar! 

To care: The Weck rubber rings are made of natural rubber, so if they come in contact with an oil-based substance, they will stretch out. We recommend storing them in a dry, dark area, and hand washing them to avoid dry rot caused by the bleach in common dishwasher detergent. We also recommend wiping the rim of the jar before sealing when using it with an oil-based substance.