5 documentaries to inspire your fight for mother nature

5 documentaries to inspire your fight for mother nature

Aug 28, 2021

Lockdown giving you some extra time? Looking for some sustainable living inspiration and motivation right from your home? Here's 5 documentaries and docu-series that we loved and we hope you will love too! 

1. Fire in Paradise

Be warned. This documentary will trigger some big feelings. The Camp Fire of 2018, the deadliest of this century in America, leveled the entire town of Paradise, California. This documentary is short but impactful and shares a minute by minute recount from survivors and first responders along with first hand clips taken while escaping. 

2. Kiss the Ground

Examining how modern farming came to be and how it has damaged our soil, Kiss the Ground looks into the solution of regenerative farming, an ethical practice designed to restore degraded lands and facilitate carbon draw down.

3. Rotten

This docu-series currently has two seasons, with each episode focused on a new topic of corruption, waste and danger within the global food industry. From avocado war, to the bottle water industry each episode is a stand alone documentary, making them easy to watch individually or a season. While not all ideas raised in the docu-series are 100% new, we wouldn't recommend skipping any of them. 

4. Broken

Filmed in a similar to model to Rotten, Broken has four episodes, which again can be watched as stand alone documentaries. With an episode on counterfeit makeup, recycling, fast furniture and the vaping industry with an aim to show consumers how corporate negligence and marketing deceit can lead to problems for our people and planet. 

5. David Attenborough: A life on our Planet

We would recommend any David Attenborough documentaries, but if you haven't seen this one and your reading this blog we are very sure you will like it! At 95 years old, he reflects on his privilege to travel the world throughout his life, the destruction he has seen of our planet and people and his hopes for our future.

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