Aug 27, 2021

Looking for a more sustainable kitchen without losing the convenience and don't know where to begin? Here are 5 everyday like for like swaps for your kitchen.

1. Un-baking Paper

Love the convenience of baking paper? Introducing un-baking paper from Seed & Sprout. Each pack comes with two reusable silicone sheets that fit perfectly on a standard baking tray. Perfect for baking cookies, scones, bread rolls and roasting veges, chickpeas and so much more! Once you're finished, wash and use again and again!  

2. Silicone Pouches

Ziplock bags - how about these silicone pouches? These pouches come in a range of sizes from mini to extra large and are perfect for leftovers, fresh and frozen fruits, chopped salad ingredients, chopped veg, meat, leftovers (liquid or solid) - and will keep them crunchy and/or fresh for days. Just slide the bar to lock the contents inside. Each pouch is leak proof, BPA-free and dishwasher, microwave, freezer safe. 

Seed and Sprout Silicone PouchesImage from Seed & Sprout

3. Wooden Dishbrush

Plastic disposable dish brushes - a thing of the past! These eco-store wooden brushes are just as convenient, last longer and have a replaceable head.  With a sustainably sourced beech wood handle and head with vegetable fibre bristles that will biodegrade at the end of their life - they're a great swap for beginners. 

Plastic Free Dish Brush - The Minimal Co.

4. Spruce Cloth

Say no to disposable kitchen cloths. Meet SPRUCE - a super star eco friendly dishcloth doing good things for the planet. These are exactly the same as dishcloths but are made from 100% plant based cellulose and cotton making them biodegrade and home compostable. These are super absorbent and you can even pop them in your dishwasher when they need a clean!

Spruce Cloth - The Minimal Co.

5. Un-plastic Wrap

Looking to reduce your plastic cling wrap use but it's just so darn convenient? We hear you! With this compostable cling wrap by Seed & Sprout, once you're finished using it, simply toss it into your home compost - it will break down in under 180 days, leaving behind no nasties. We hope you enjoy this revolutionary new kitchen staple as much as we do.

Un-plastic Wrap - The Minimal Co.Image from Seed & Sprout

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