Oct 17, 2021

Looking for a more sustainable bathroom without losing the convenience and don't know where to begin? Here are 5 everyday like for like swaps for your bathroom. 


1. Deodorant

Scared to make the jump to a natural and zero waste deodorant? Our extra-strength, paraben-free, baking soda free, vegan deodorants are designed to keep you fresh all day with just one light swipe under each arm. If this is your first natural deodorant we highly recommend using the No Tox Life Detox Bar to help ease your worries. 

2. Toothpaste

The thought of changing over to a sustainable toothpaste can seem daunting especially the toothpaste tablets. Solid Oral Care have a range of sustainable oral care that all have fluoride and are available in toothpaste tablets and paste. We find the toothpaste perfect for beginners as it's the same consistency as supermarket toothpaste - it's just packaged in a glass jar! Solid Oral Care have an amazing jar return policy and you can bring your empty containers into our store and we'll take $1 off your next order and we'll send them back to them to be reused. 

3. Soap

Sounds simple and a little obvious right? Swap out your bottled bodywash for package free soap bars. Nowadays you can get a range of soaps in different scents and these Eco Store ones come in a range of different scents from vanilla to lavender. Made in New Zealand too!

4. Bamboo toothbrush

Did you know that on average each person uses 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime and can you imagine if all of those were plastic? Simply swapping over bamboo toothbrush will reduce the amount of plastic heading to the landfill each month. 

5. Onyx Face Wash Bar

Swapping over from bottle facewash to a solid wash bar is actually an easier swap then you think! Many facial cleansers on the market today use harsh chemicals and foaming agents to peel back layers of skin. You can rest assured that this charcoal facial bar from No Tox Life is made with only the most natural vegan ingredients that are toxin and palm-oil free. And it lasts so much longer than standard cleansers! 


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