3 Plastic Free Christmas Decoration Ideas

3 Plastic Free Christmas Decoration Ideas

Dec 09, 2021
Creating a festive space doesn't have to be all store bought and all plastic. Here are three of our favourite (and easy) low waste x-mas decoration ideas and they are perfect for decorating you gifts too! From foraging your own pine and pine cones to drying out old oranges, these are great for decorating your tree, adding a bit of a festive edge to your wrapping and even look great as a garland or centerpiece. 

1. Dried oranges
There's something so festive about dried orange slices, the appearance and the smell! Not only do they look good but they are more affordable than most decorations and won't leave any plastic behind when they decompose! That's a yes from us. You can find our dried oranges tutorial here.

2. Foliage
We picked up a foliage bundle from our local grocer (which comes entirely plastic free) and have been hanging up the bundles in store to dry over the last months. We separate each type of plant, re-use our string scraps and tie them on a banister (upside down), making sure there is lots of air flow and not too much sun - this seems to do the trick! These look amazing on wrapped presents .
3. Pine cones
We're lucky in Wellington to have so many pine trees, on our walk home we'll pick them up and dry them at home (if they're a little damp). Once you're done with them save them for next year - these are perfect as autumn decorations too.  In the past we have used little ones in garlands and tree decorations and large pine cones as center pieces. 
If you give these a go tag us on Instagram at @theminimalnz so we can see!

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