DIY Christmas Tree Garland

DIY Christmas Tree Garland

Oct 27, 2022
Wanting to participate in festive activities but don't want to contribute to extra (& unnecessary) waste? We have come up with a range of ideas that are low waste, festive and a fun activity to do to get you into the festive spirit! 

In this post we'll be sharing how to make your very own Christmas tree tassel garland! We have gone the traditional green but we think this would be super fun in different colours.

What you'll need:
A ball of wool
How to assemble:
1. Cut a square of cardboard and cut two slits on one of the sides. Our cardboard was 5x5cm.
2. Cut a small piece of wool (5-6 cm) and set a side.
3. Wrap the wool around the cardboard, securing the first two wraps where the slits are to hold it in place.
4. Depending on what look you're after with the tree, wrap around until you have a 5ish layers
5.Thread the wool that was put aside, through the top of the cardboard and tie,
6. Cut the other side so you have one tier of the Christmas tree!
7. Continue this two more times until you have three tiers.
8. Using the loose threads, tie around each layer or if you have glue pop glue in between the layers. 
9. Tie a piece of wool around the top so it looks like the top of a tree.
10. Thread twine through the top and attach to garland. 

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