4 Low Waste Christmas Decorations

4 Low Waste Christmas Decorations

Oct 27, 2022

What scents do you think about when it comes to Christmas? Orange, pine, cinnamon? We do! Decorating for Christmas doesn't have to mean single use products or plastic decorations that get sent to landfill year after year! We've put together a few of our favourite ways to decorate that are natural, budget friendly and home compostable. 



If you haven't tried making these yet, we urge you to give them a go. Pop down to your local veg market or supermarket and grab a few, slice them up and pop them on un-baking paper and bake at a low temperature. These are great for wreaths, table decorations, gift tags and tree decorations. And your house will smell delicious while they're baking too!

If you have any pine trees near you we recommend going foraging for these natural wonders. Don't have any pine trees near you? Put a call out on a local community page. Dry them out if they're a little damp and add them to wreaths, as tree decorations, gift tags and table decor. Once the season is over store in a dry place and use again next year or for winter fires.

Foliage is everything at Christmas! Forage for pine or eucalyptus or pop to you local florist for some. This is great as table decoration, in vases, one gifts or have a go at making your own Christmas wreath.

Christmas is cinnamon, not only do cinnamon sticks smell delicious, they look festive too! Pop these on wreaths, gifts or use them as place card holders!

We hope you liked these picks and if you give them a go give us a tag on Instagram @theminimalnz so we can see! 

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