Our top 5 ways to reduce your waste when your on the go

Our top 5 ways to reduce your waste when your on the go

Dec 31, 2020

Its one thing to reduce your waste when you are at home, but reducing your waste while your own the go can be a totally different ball game. Below are are top 5, for how we reduce our waste while we are on the go. 

1. Reusable Drink Bottle

This is a simple but super effective way to reduce your waste when you're out and about. We love our Think drink bottle and we take it everywhere. Its easy to clean, light weight, and durable. Team it up with Refill NZ and you can stay hydrated all day for free! There are hundreds of Refill NZ locations across the country. If you can't find one in your area why not ask a local store to join?

2. The Humble Tote

I take a handbag everywhere I go, but inside my bag I always carry at least one simple tote. Small enough that you won't notice you're carrying it, but big enough to carry anything you may pick up throughout your day, a tote can be a savour in saying no to disposables.

3. Reusable Containers

When you don't know what the day will bring, packing a reusable container (or two) can give you options on a busy day. Need to pick up some morning tea for the office, or grab your lunch to go? A reusable container has got your back. I love bringing the tufferware trio with me while I am out and about. With their nesting design, they only take up the space of one container but you actually have three which gives you endless options. They hold deceivingly large portions, and I can use them to get dinner for two, with some leftovers too, without needing a special bag just for my containers.  

4. Reusable Cutlery

Disposable, biodegradable, compostable cutlery, it's all single use. Grabbing a reusable cutlery set is a simple way to reduce your waste without loosing the convenience of eating on the go. A wooden set is lightweight, easy to clean and plane safe (which will be great for when we can travel again!)

5. Plastic free Covid Safety

If I had written this a year ago, this wouldn't of even been on my radar, but now, this has to be the must have before I leave the house. Reusable masks are not only better for the environment and much cheaper per wear, but they also leave the medical grade masks for those who really need them.

Since I leave the house every day I currently have a rotation of 5 masks, that way I only need to worry about washing them every 4 days, but you can make do with one, just make sure you wash it in between wears. My rotation includes three of our double layer fabric masks made by The Minimal Co. team right here in Wellington, and two of our double layer hemp fabric masks made by the wonderful Ally and her team at Assa Nepal. I love being able to switch up the style and colour of my masks depending on my mood that day. 

Hand Sanitiser is really hard to find without plastic but luckily Corbin Road has us sorted with there travel size hand sanitiser and larger refill. Both come in aluminim bottles which you can return for a $1 credit and with no plastic there is really no excuse not to use hand sanitiser regularly while your on the go. 

Looking for more products to help you reduce waste on the go? Check out our out and about collection here.

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