Sustainable & Ethical Christmas Gift Guide - New Zealand Made Edition

Sustainable & Ethical Christmas Gift Guide - New Zealand Made Edition

Dec 04, 2020
Christmas is just around the corner and what a year it has been! We thought we'd start the festive season off with something near and dear to our hearts - supporting local. In this post we are covering all things NZ Made - the makers and how their goods make the perfect gifts!
The Minimal Co. - NZ Made gift guide
Now more than ever (especially this Christmas) supporting local and locally made is at the top of our Christmas list! Supporting local, helping individual people and their families; gifts that are handmade with a whole lot of love and a story behind them, that’s what’s important to us. But where do you start? We all know there are so many beautifully New Zealand made products out there but it can be tricky knowing where to begin!

We have decided to dedicate a post to all of our wonderful New Zealand made businesses that we stock all year round and we think would make AMAZING gifts over the Christmas period! Gifts with a purpose and a conscious and a maker behind them doing a happy dance every time they hear someone loves their products! So it goes without saying right? Let’s support locally made as much as we can! 


Mrs Rockett
The creator of gorgeous earrings, necklaces & hairclips. In the day she is an architect graduate but by night she creates the most wonderful accessories that will brighten up any outfit! Originally from Seddon but now residing in Wellington, Mrs Rockett’s creations are like little pieces of wearable art. 
Hana from Stem believes in creating items in the home that are purposeful and are environmentally friendly. A new addition to the Minimal Co. and we can't get enough of her eye pillows - they smell gorgeous and they're the perfect way to relax especially with warmer weather on the horizon. Stem creations are are also made right here in Wellington!
Corbin Rd. 
Corbin Rd. is a 100% natural skincare company based and made in New Zealand. Not only do they only use natural ingredients but each product is made sustainably and their packaging is recyclable. Wendy takes care in preserving her brands values and always ensures she is making products that are kind to your skin and the planet!
Lucy Revill - The Residents
 400 photos. 280 pages. 38 stories. One city.
A dear friend of ours, Lucy is the creator of The Residents blog and has recently self published her debut book The Residents: Made in Wellington - this book was funded by over 500 New Zealanders on the crowd funding website PlegdeMe! Lucy not only wrote the book, she took all of the photographs, promoted the book, had it printed in Wellington and has almost hand delivered all of her books to her pledgers! 
Little Bit Daily
Creators of gorgeous soap keepers handmade in Wellington. Each soap keeper is made from recycled rimu floorboard or sustainable grown NZ pine. They not only look good but they're sustainable and ethically made! 
Bloomin' Heck 
Handmade artisan wreaths and cone bouquets by Ruth. Ruth not only makes the wreaths and cone bouquets but grows the flowers right here in Wellington! They're truly works of art and we love them.
Handmade by LauryLou’s in Wellington with a beech ring and 100% recycled cotton from Barcelona. By breaking down reclaimed textile and yarn waste back into combed cotton fibre, colours are blended and respun into new thread without re-dyeing. The perfect addition to your home!
Solid Oral Care 
Created by Laura an oral health therapist and founder of Solid Oral Care. Laura has two passions helping people look after their teeth and sustainability. From tablets to paste - regular to sensitive, each are specially formulated by Laura and made out in Titahi Bay, Wellington. 
 Created by Adéle and Darnar - A&D hand makes a range of natural and organic skincare and home products.When it comes to their packaging they have one thing in mind, sustainability! Their products are either package free, glass or tins that can be repurposed. Made in Wellington too!  
Farm Folly 
"From a little farm in Kaukapakapa, Farmfolly lovingly hand makes natural skincare and homecare packaged with nature's goodness and the earth in mind. Many of the key ingredients are responsibly foraged from native bush or grown spray free on our farm. All our packaging is either reusable, re-purposed or compostable." - Farm Folly
We hope this gift guide could shine some light on some of the amazing and inspiring New Zealand made businesses that we stock. We feel so privileged to be able to share these wonderful makers and their stories with you all!
Need another reason to shop sustainably this Christmas?
Today is the fourth day of our 12 days of Christmas which means until 11:59pm tonight (Friday 4th December 2020) you can get free shipping within New Zealand with promo code JINGLEBELL.

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