Seed Saving Envelopes


Harvesting your own seeds and need somewhere to store them? Or maybe you want to give them as a gift to friends and family? Then these seed saving envelopes are exactly what you need!

Keep your saved seeds dry and away from light. With space to record the seed type, variety, the date collected, and notes about the source and plant, these seed saver envelopes make seed storage easy!

These seed saving envelopes are self sealing - so no stickers or tape are needed! Simply dab a small amount of water on the gum adhesive to activate it and press the envelope to seal.

Saving your own seeds is easy! We love it for so many reasons:

  • It's a great way to save money. Buying seeds (or seedlings) can add up quick, but for many plants saving seeds is as simple as setting them aside when you are ready to eat the vegetable. If you harvested every seed from every capsicum you ate you would have 100's of seeds over one season, all completely free!
  • It can help vegetables to adapt to the local conditions in which they are grown and this can increase yields.
  • It allows you to save seeds from your hierloom varities.
  • Packets of saved seeds make great gifts from your garden.

If you grow something you like, save the seeds and keep planting it in the years to come!


Please note: Each envelope is hand stamped so there may be some slight variation.