Living Greens

Brigitta, the founder of Living Greens Microgreens started her company after living in Austria for several years and becoming accustomed to having affordable and accessible organic produce at her fingertips. She fell in love with their traditions surrounding food and the general wholesome style of eating.

After looking into Microgreens a little more, their nutritional benefits absolutely amazed her. They really are natures living superfood! Upon moving back home to New Zealand she really struggled to find good quality, organic greens that weren’t packaged in a whole lot of unnecessary plastic or grown in a way that wasn’t kind to our environment. 

Developing her own Microgreens Growing Kit with the hope to make highly nutritious food available to anyone, especially those short on time or with a limited garden space. The design is simple and fits nicely into any kitchen. 

Her hope is to help people who wouldn’t normally grow their own food discover the thrill of gardening and to give people who value healthy nutritious food a very simple way of accessing it.