Canning Accessories Starter Kit


Safely and easily preserve your garden abundance with this Canning Accessories Starter Kit.  

Humans have dried, salted and fermented foods since before recorded history. But preserving food by heat-treating and then sealing it in airtight containers didn't come along until the late 18th century.

Regaining popularity, canning has become a part of our slow living journey as we learn to preserve what we grow and now we bring you our favourite tools that help us to preserve our food safely and easily.

Canning is a fun and satisfying activity, perfect for beginners or seasoned canning enthusiasts but its important to use the right tools and follow canning instructions to ensure your creating safe, shelf stable foods. 

This kit contains all the basic tools you need to start your preserving journey!  It's great for making homemade preserved fruit, jams, ketchup, pickles, and salsa. Wrapped in a simple raw edge calico furoshiki, it makes it easy to store your kit together over the off season.

What you get:

  • Stainless Steel Canning Rack - Keeps your mason jar away from the bottom of the pot for safety and a consistent temperature. This rack has a 29cm diameter, making it perfect for stock pots. 
  • Stainless Steel Funnel - With  5.28cm diameter neck, its perfect for filling mason jars with ease.
  • Canning Jar Lifter Tongs - Safely lift your jars from boiling water.Made from stainless steel, they have a stay cool, comfort grip fixed handle and a vinyl coated handle grip which clamps securely on jar tops.  It is designed to safely remove any size preserving/canning jar from boiling water.
  • Canning Tongsnot to be confused with jar lifters and different from regular kitchen tongs, they are the perfect tool. Canning tongs are specifically designed for use in canning, they are made from metal alloy, have a cushioned heat-resistant grip, and have hollow grips to allow the boiling water to drain when gripping the food.
  • Magnetic Lid LifterLift hot sterilized lids with the magnet end for no more burned fingers or dropped lids! 
  • Jar WrenchEasily tighten lids on any jar, from pickles to jam to spaghetti sauce and make sure your preseveres and canned goods stay fresh.
  • Bubble Popper - No more bubbles left in your processed food to cause discoloring and possible spoilage! This great little tool is a must for any home canner.