Organic Cotton Muslin Wrap


The CaliBaby Muslin Wraps are beautifully designed the perfect size and silky soft to the touch. Three designs to choose from featuring nature-inspired flora (Forest design), fauna (Animals In Rust design), or block shapes for newborn eyesight development (Charcoal Shapes design). Each muslin wrap is ethically made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, certified Okeo-Tex dyes, is entirely plastic-free, and double as a perfect playmat.

There are a lot of swaddling and wrap options but finding one that is beautifully soft, organic, low-tox, the perfect size, not wrapped in plastic, and in a design you like is quite the challenge! Months of attention and refinement went into the design and production of the Caliwoods Muslin Wraps, and the size, quality, and colour palette have been road-tested by Mums. They are the perfect swaddle, being so soft, and then work well when you need to provide shade on the pram or feeding cover when you are out and about.

The Charcoal Shapes design was made specifically for newborn eye development. It is in high contrast with big block shapes - a playmat your little one will love for that all-important tummy time. The Animals in Rust and Forest designs have a very subtle touch of Kiwiana, and the colours match well with existing baby palettes and also make for a stunning gift.

Whats included:

1 x GOTS-certified Organic Cotton Muslin Wrap, 1m x 1m

How to use:

To swaddle your baby:

1. Lie the Muslin Wrap on a flat surface.

2. Fold down one of the corners about 20-30cm depending on the size of your baby.

3. Place your baby on the organic cotton wrap with its head on the edge of the folded side.

4. Tuck their arms to their sides and fold the left side over their body, tucking in the excess under their body,

5. Fold up the bottom corner and then fold over the right-hand side.

6. Tuck the remaining corner in so your baby is snug.

Note: Only swaddle babies that are not yet rolling over, and only lie your baby on their back. Please fully educate yourself on swaddling safely and ensure you have a safe sleeping surface prepared for your little one.

As a playmat:

1. Unroll your Muslin Wrap and place it flat on the floor.

2. Create a space play area clearing any potential hazards.

3. Let your baby play away! Great for tummy time, and you'll find that any toddlers around love identifying the shapes, animals, and vegetation.

As shade or cover for breastfeeding:

1. Clip onto the pram (the Stainless Pegs come in very handy here) or drape over your body for privacy and/or to minimise distractions while breast or bottle feeding in public.

To clean:

Machine wash at 40 degrees, do not dry clean. Tumble dry low or line dry. Please wash before first use.

The more you wash your Muslin Wrap, the softer it will become with time. The design might fade slightly after the first wash, and if it is in the sun a lot. This does not affect the performance of the wrap and it has been designed to fade slightly while still looking stunning.

These Muslin Wraps are pretty low maintenance. Clean as soon as practical if your baby brings up his/her milk to avoid staining. Be mindful of snagging where possible. The fabric will soften with further washing. Your Muslin Wrap will last for multiple babies when cared for correctly. The muslin cotton is 3 layers and was chosen specifically for its quality.

What about end of Life?

The 100% natural materials mean that it is suitable for composting. Please ensure that the fabric is shredded into small pieces.