DIY Christmas Dried Oranges

DIY Christmas Dried Oranges

Dec 19, 2021
Make your own zero waste decoration - orange slices edition!

We have been having fun here at The Minimal Co. HQ with our new arrival of @seedandsproutco un-baking paper. We thought we would put it to the test and dehydrate some orange to make these super festive and plastic free decorations! These a great for wrapping presents, decorating your tree and all work on a diy garland mixed dried foliage and cinnamon sticks!

What you will need:
-Un-baking paper (so the oranges don't stick!)

How to make:

- Put your oven on the lowest setting, we had ours at 80 - 100 degrees Celsius.
- Slice the oranges into 1-2cm in thickness, blot on reusable paper towels.
- Place on un-baking paper and put in the oven for 1-3 hours.
- Turn them over every half hour or hour so they cook evenly.
- Once done leave to cool for ten minutes.
- Make a hole at the top near the rind and pull through your string and tie a knot.

And you'll have you're very own decoration! 🍊

Top tip: as these take some time to bake use your oven to slowly bake other things at the same time!


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