Low Waste Christmas Party Tips

Low Waste Christmas Party Tips

Oct 27, 2022

Dinner parties and parties in general can see so much go to waste - food waste, plastic waste and even paper waste (a lot of which is added to landfill). This doesn't have to be the case! Here are six ideas for your next Christmas dinner/lunch/party. 

Pop a piece of paper through the cinnamon stick split and you have got yourself a place card! It'll take your xmas dinner party to the next level. Slip the paper out and use the cinnamon stick in your next dish. 

Okay, so they don't make that signature pop but there's a guaranteed win for each person. Use a cloth napkin, a toilet roll and pop a personalized small gift for each person e.g a packet of seeds. Reuse the fabric and roll year after year!
Find our tutorial here

Sounds simple right? because it is! Buy once or make once and reuse them year after year. Get fancy with napkin folds for an extra special touch. 

Make your own decorations that are natural and home compostable. Not only will it get you in the festive mood - the smell of drying oranges, say no more! It's also good for the planet and a fun activity you can do with friends or family. Things you can do: dry orange slices, forage pine cones and foliage, use cinnamon sticks, make popcorn garlands - the list goes on!

We get it, Christmas can be a really stressful time and the convenience of a frozen plastic dish is super tempting! Our tip, simplify your menu, don't over cater and ask friends/family to bring a dish. Cooking from scratch will reduce the amount of plastic involved and will also take more time which will make you really think about what you're cooking. Try making dishes that you know you can utilize the next day and make yummy leftovers. Reducing food waste has a massive impact on the environment so do your best to cater to your table but not over do it. And when in doubt, send people home with leftovers!

Make a day out of it! Gather your friends and family and spend the day making a  fresh wreath that you can hang proudly this Christmas. It looks great hung up but also great as a focal piece on your table too. Using home compostable materials make it low waste and good for the environment.
Find our tutorial here


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