Toilet Roll DIY Advent Calendar

Toilet Roll DIY Advent Calendar

Oct 27, 2022
Wanting to participate in festive activities but don't want to contribute to extra (& unnecessary) waste? We have come up with a range of ideas that are low waste, festive and a fun activity to do to get you into the festive spirit! 

In this post we'll be sharing our new favourite way to advent calendar using products that would otherwise be recycled or composted! Meaning no plastic in sight and its fully customizable so that every gift has purpose for the individual! 

What you'll need:
12 or 24 toilet/paper rolls
Leftover Paper & a marker for the numbers
12 or 24 small gifts/jokes/poems/facts/

 How to assemble:

 1. Flatten the roll, press one side of the tip and then do the same with the other side, it should a curved shape and one side will sit on top of the other to create a pocket. Before folding the other side, pop in your gift and seal the other side. 

2. Wrap the roll with twine to secure the folds, tight but not too tight as you need to pop the paper through the twine. 

3. Using any spare paper that might fit your vibe, cut into squares and write the days to the left or right (the string is in the center). We had leftover card and used our compostable tissue paper.

4. Continue until you have 12 or 24 rolls and enjoy your eco-friendly advent calendar! 

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